Wellness Solutions


Private Consultations

If you would like individual assistance with your health and well-being, Sajeela is available for private consultation sessions. The first session is a Personal Health History session to capture the details of your unique situation and start you on some simple steps forward. The number of sessions and length of sessions required depends on what your personal health goals are, how quickly you want to improve your health and how much expert assistance you would like.

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Life Coaching Programs

To ensure you take consistent action towards your wellness and to have ongoing access to Sajeela's expertise, consider the benefits of investing in an ongoing coaching program. The length of the program and frequency of coaching sessions are negotiated to suit your personal needs and to ensure you develop new, empowering habits in the areas of nutrition and well-being.

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Lifestyle and Eating Plans

If you are a disciplined person who knows you will do what it takes to transition to wellness once you know what to do and when to do it; a customized eating plan may be all that you require. The first step is to have a private consultation with Sajeela to ascertain your requirements. She will then prepare an eating plan to suit your personal health requirements. You then book additional private sessions as you require them to review your progress and update your plan.

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