Raw Coconut


Coconuts can save your life! Coconut in Sanskrit is kalpa vriksha which means the coconut tree supplies “all that is needed to live.”

No matter how badly someone had mistreated their body the fresh young coconut flesh, the coconut water, coconut cream and/or the coconut oil can help save your life.

The young coconut water is almost identical to human plasma, in fact is was used for blood transfusions in World War II and more recently in the Haiti disaster. Plasma makes up 55 percent of human blood. The remaining 45 percent consists of haemoglobin which is essentially transformed plant blood (chlorophyll) so when we combine young coconut water with sprouted wheat or barley grass or any fresh leafy green juice we give ourselves and instant blood transfusion.

The benefits are numerous, here are a few: improved digestion; better absorption of fat soluble vitamins and amino acids; support for the immune system as they contain valuable anti-fungal, anti-viral saturated fatty acids; improved utilization of blood sugar and can lessen symptoms of hypoglycaemia; increased speed of the thyroid, thus allowing the body to release excess weight and accumulated toxins; improved rehydration; provide an excellent source of nutrition for infants; support healthy cholesterol formation in the liver and many, many more.